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Beirut, I love you. RULES OF THE GAME.


Object of the game:

- Using the clues provided, players should find the objects hidden around the city.

Game materials:

- Clues (posted on FCBK group and on SLEEPLESS IN BEIRUT blog)

- You and your friends

- The objects (to be revealed soon)

Time required:

- Each hunt will start on a Friday afternoon.

- Hunt will end when all objects are found.

What is required of you?

- When event is posted, click Attending.

- If you’re hunting during the night, bring a flashlight.

- Once you find an object, take a photo of it on location.

- Once you bring it home, take a photo of its new location (you're welcome to include yourself).

- Post the two photos with a short story, if you may, on the FCBK group.

- Do NOT throw the objects (read, “If project is successful”)

What is the purpose of this game?

- To discover specific buildings, streets, certain views and neighbourhoods of Beirut, that are outside your routine and zone of comfort.

- To get to know Beirut better.

- To rekindle your love and passion for this unique city of ours.

If this project is successful:

- We will gather up all the found objects for an exhibition

- Efforts will be made to contact the national and international press and artistic community, so we can show them that we are capable of doing something new, that we are capable of working together, that we have given a new twist to the term urban intervention.

- People who have found the objects will be invited to start their own treasure hunt by hiding them again. The domino effect!


  1. i'm soooooo with you on this one! i'll have to wait until i hit beirut in early sept though!
    ma 3andi fcbk cause it got on my nerves long ago but feel free to add one more attending person to each hunt!
    oh and btw your blog is one of the most brilliant one i ever read! your writing is just divine...please keep going, i'm always looking forward to reading new posts even if i never comment them!

  2. *blush*

    will keep you posted through here then.

  3. I think you should check this out:


    It's a review to your blog and amazing creative ideas!!:D