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I'm sleepless in Beirut.

Red velvet and I want you to know that you'll always get your way...and I shiver.

Did I know that I'd always be waiting for you?

No. But I traded it all for you the moment I let you wrap your arms around me.

I hugged Botticelli and started crying like a baby for all the times I had been strong against my nature. My nature kicks slippers off my feet, my nature blows hair unto my face, my nature oils me up and sends me running through tight doorways.


It's easy being back. It's easy to fall in love again. It's easy to forget what I had packed for my departure. Hopes? Dreams? They are all still here.

The few people that matter remain. The rest are rotting where they belong. I could smell them before today's big rain.

Why are we okay with ta2 7anak? All these traffic jams to get to someone who's less captivating than our BlackBerries. Our eyes are glazing over, I look around and I see that we are living life through screens and buttons. Been having lots of headaches? Watch out for that antennae sprouting.

As long as I can feel life tremble beneath my finger tips, I can deal with that. I say it's not my disease. I say I've been abroad and have returned with a new pair of oculars. I say I'll make it better. If not for all of you, for the people that chose to remain, or no, who found remaining effortless.

Why are we okay with ta2 7anak? All these drinks is on me and the party's for free for what? And you say you don't like to give money to the poor. Those people are of no value to you either. Ta2 7anak.

If I learned anything in Paris it is that there are too many tourists in this life to give directions to. If I walk fast it is because I have enough to keep me going. I'll slow down when I'm hungry.

Seriously, drop those sand bags. Or pierce them to see if there is anything worth sifting.

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